YouTube presents new tool that will help creators protect their content


YouTube has just presented Copyright Match, a new tool that will allow creators to protect their content against unauthorized uses of them. Basically, this tool will search if the videos that are uploaded to the platform match or are very similar to those that are already uploaded.

In case there is a match with a video that is already available on the platform, the affected creator will be able to know about it through the “coincidences” tab, and can then take action on the matter.

The same and has been tested for almost a year, improving its effectiveness over this time, reaching a level of maturity that will now make it available to the public.

In this sense, the deployment will begin during the next week, first reaching the creators associated with the program of YouTube partners that have more than 100,000 subscribers so that, over time, it reaches all the partners belonging to said program.

This tool joins other existing channels to help creators protect their content against unauthorized uses, and in the process will prevent creators from having to manually monitor the channels when searching for versions of their videos that have uploaded others. Users in them without their consent.

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