YouTube now allows live streaming 4K at 60 fps

We have already mentioned on more than one occasion that YouTube is the video platform on the Internet which is always ahead in the adoption of new audiovisual tendencies. And today goes one step further in this respect through the new possibility to offer streaming video live to known commercially as 4K resolution, though resolution really is (UHD) 3840x2160p, that creators and broadcasters of live content can be from today.

In this way, those who already have televisions or monitors to 4K can from today itself enjoy those events, events and other live broadcasts that are carried out under resolution 4K via streaming through YouTube, having four times more than definition than those offered by emissions in FullHD.

Point out in this regard that emissions from video streaming to 4K is not only applicable to the standard video it is also applicable to immersive 360 ┬░ videos, so that emissions must live concerts, sporting events and other events which are carried under resolution 4 K to 360 ┬░ already be an almost indescribable experience, and more taking into account that the emissions can be of up to 60 fps (frames per second) by offering a surprising realism.

YouTube plans to broadcast the Game Awards live tomorrow at 4K, which will allow holders of televisions or monitors 4K quality of live amazing standard video streams.

For those who wish to obtain some technical details of the new possibility, they will have available information in this respect through the specific page that Google has prepared.

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