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Eight alternative applications for YouTube on mobile

The official YouTube client is without doubt one of the apps mobile most used globally. If you are reading this article, almost certainly you must have installed on your smartphone. And many believe that this is the only way to see the videos on this site, but not: is simply the official way. There are more customers of YouTube there outside.

We will obviously always before see the novelties in the official client, but if for some reason you lack any special feature you can take a look at the alternative players that you can find for mobile platforms.



This application for Android prioritizes that playback not later too much in charge or which has cuts in the reproduction of videos, something that sometimes is very frequent in the official client. Free and available on Google Play.



No, it is not nothing focused adult: Tubex is a client of YouTube optimized for iOS 9 who claims to skip advertising which the service applies to all your videos and have a fully optimized interface. Free in the App Store.



If you have a Windows Phone 8.1 terminal, one of the most recommended clients is Metrotube. Design Modern UI optimized so that no notes no change of scenery on your operating system. Get it for free on Microsoft Store.

Perfect Tube

Perfect Tube

Another alternative for Windows, optimized for Windows 10, is Perfect Tube. Its appearance is clean and also works on desktop computers to be universal application of Windows. Free in the Microsoft Store, but with integrated optional purchases.


You player

Another well known alternative of YouTube in iOS is YouPlayer, perhaps not as clean as the TubeX interface but that complies with the basic functions. Free in the App Store.

Play Tube

Play tube app

An alternate YouTube for Android client with an interface similar to that of the official client, for those who are looking for something simple and is not confirm with the implementation of the service. Free Google play.

Video Tube Free

video tube app

We return to the alternatives for iOS with this client which has as its key advantage that can also play videos from Vimeo. In addition, its notifications allow us to open the videos of the channels to which we subscribed directly from there. Free in the App Store.


protube app

We ended up with a customer’s payment on iOS, but which deserves the price of $2.99 which is sold according to its users: Protube is updated frequently with an interface optimized for iOS 9 and gives us extra options, like the ability to view videos whose authors have locked in mobile terminals.

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