Your photos will come to life with the Parallax effect

Apps to create 3D photos with your smartphone.

With a photograph we can express a lot but it has a disadvantage, and is that unlike a video, it shows a static scene, without movement. It is clear that this has its charm and is still the main reason for the magic of the photographs.

But why not give a static image of motion ? Would not it enrich her? Would not it give her more visual strength? With the Parallax effect you can do it without special devices. You only need a smartphone and an app specialized in creating 3D photos through this effect.

The Parallax effect, or 2.5D, is also known as the Ken Burns effect, as it owes its name to this North American documentary filmmaker. What is this effect? Originally, this director used photographs in his documentaries and by means of camera movements and the use of the zoom, he managed to acquire life as if it were videos. In practice, 3D photos are generated, since from a flat image you get depth of field and movement.

Unlike stereoscopic 3D images, which had their moment of splendor in the 80’s with anaglyphs (gray, blue and red images that required glasses to be seen in 3D), the 3D photos generated with the Parallax effect did not Require no device or element to view them. Of course, in both cases they are optical illusions that deceive our eyes.

The Parallax effect had some popularity with the launch of iOS 7 in 2013, which animated elements of the system using this technique, giving it movement and depth without the need for glasses.

As well. There are now mobile applications that allow you to create 3D photos using Parallax easily. The only requirement is to make two or more photographs of the same element from different points of view, moving slightly. By combining all the images, the sensation of movement is generated.


Available for both Android and iPhone devices, Phogy serves to make selfies or any other photo that seems to have movement.

The app itself guides you to make the necessary captures. An initial and then moving the smartphone slightly to one side and another to make the additional captures and thus, combined, get the 3D photos. In addition, the paid version has Instagram-style filters to refine your photos.

Phogy makes it easy to share the result, in MP4 video format or in GIF motion picture, via email or social networks.


Another app for capturing images to get 3D photos is Fyuse, also downloadable for Android and iPhone smartphones .

As in the previous case, Fyuse guides you to make the necessary captures (the initial as a normal photo and then moving the phone from side to side of the scene you want to immortalize).

Once you have the 3D image you can share it directly from the app itself, as it serves as social photography network as Instagram or Flickr and allows you to create image galleries. In case you want to share your creations with other social networks or by email, you can export them.

3D Camera

Exclusive for Android, 3D Camara specializes in creating panoramic images with 3D effect. Like Fyuse and Phogy you have to make a first photo and then move the camera to capture the depth of the image. In addition, it also uses the zoom to give it more movement.

As an incentive, it has filters and layers with effects to enhance photography and give it a more spectacular touch.

Parallax It!

For iOS users (iPhone / iPad), an exclusive app is available, Parallax It!, Which as its name indicates, is used to apply the Parallax effect to your photos.

Among its peculiarities, Parallax It! Converts images to 3D without having to make several captures, as it detects the point of interest and integrates it into the background by adding movement .

This time, when saving the image in motion in video format, also allows to integrate background music . Then you can upload the video to your social networks.


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