You can download Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from the Microsoft Store in Windows 10

Canonical presented at the end of last April Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, the most exciting version in many years, and the popular distribution has now come to the Microsoft Store as a Windows 10 UWP application. As it did almost a year ago an earlier version still available.

As we have explained on previous occasions, running Linux on Windows 10 as an application allows you to run a complete Ubuntu terminal from the Microsoft system, with tools like git, ssh, apt and bash, useful for developers and other professions. It is a way to take advantage of the characteristics of these distributions without leaving windows, as can be done with Kali Linux also thanks to Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Soon, in addition, will reach all Windows 10 Notepad update with support for Unix/Linux and Macintosh line ends, which will facilitate a little more the task of administrations and users who need a compatibility that never came and not It was even expected.

How to download Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store

ubuntu 18.04

To download Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in Windows 10 just go to the Microsoft Store and search for “Ubuntu 18.04 ” or click on this link. Once on the Application tab, we will simply click on the Get button and install it.

Then, to run the distribution, simply launch it from the Windows Start menu. As in any Linux run on Windows 10, if it is the first time we use Windows Subsystem for Linux we will have to activate the function before carrying out the download and installation.

In addition to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, it is still possible to download Ubuntu 16.04 for Windows 10


So, if we try before, it won’t download. Once enabled, the distribution can be run as one more application.

If you want to download and run the previous version of the distribution available in the Microsoft Store for almost a year we will have to search simply “ubuntu ” or click on this link to get Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Both versions are supported and published by the Canonical in partnership with Microsoft as the company has explained this week.

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