xNotes, a simple extension to take notes without leaving the browser


The Internet is full of tools with which we can improve our productivity in different ways. We recently discovered an extension for Google Chrome that could become a very interesting option for all those who do not take dozens of notes while surfing the Internet. This is xNotes, an extension to take notes from the new browser tabs.

In particular, the extension we are talking about is compatible with Google Chrome and is available for free. Once installed, we will have to open a new tab to start using it. As you can see in the image that this article illustrates, xNotes offers us a section where we can leave everything we need in writing, so that we do not have to stop using the browser every time we want to write a short note.

As we use the tool, each and every note we create will be stored in the lower part of the interface. In this way, we will only have to open a new tab every time we want to consult the notes that we have written before. Of course, it is possible to delete the saved notes when we do not need them anymore.

Undoubtedly, xNotes can become an interesting extension for those accustomed to taking dozens of notes throughout the day. If you are users of Google Chrome and you have noticed, you can test its operation by installing the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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