Wix Code, to create data-based Web applications visually

Long ago we reviewed here the service offered by Wix to create a Web page in an easy and simple way, without having to have advanced knowledge of programming. We already said that it was a very interesting solution, because of its robustness and simplicity. Since then the evolution of the service has been spectacular, and one of its main strengths right now is the novel Wix Code, which allows you to go a step further and create Web applications from databases. All of this reduces to the maximum the effort, the time and the economic cost, and with some visual results certainly surprising.

Essentially what Wix Code offers is the ability to develop a Web application from a product database. It is therefore mainly intended for businesses, but also, because not, for any other type of Web site that needs to be created with content (text, images, etc.) Pre-existing.

We can simply create a collection of data on a spreadsheet (or import it from a CSV file), with all the information we want to enter for each item. Then, through the editor of Wix design a template visually, which will be applied automatically to each of the products we want to sell, obtaining an individualized page, unified design and visually consistent for each one. It is also possible to create multiple collections of data and establish relationships between them.

Wix code

We will only have to associate each column in our database with the chosen design element where we want it to appear, as easy as that. The template will change dynamically depending on the product displayed, which has its own URL and its own contents, even if the visual aspect is kept uniform.

But Wix Code also allows the opposite case, to create a Web application from the content sent by the users, collected in the Web itself. In this case we will only have to create the structure of the empty database. Then we will design the form that from the web will capture the data associated to each field of the database, and ready.

We can even use JavaScript to design various actions that we want to run on the web, such as animations or slideshows of photographs, interactions when you press a button, hide or show parts of the page, etc. This, combined with the use of APIs provided by Wix Code allows to integrate other applications and services within our page, like for example IFTTT, Zapier, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Paypal or Amazon. It is true that this already requires a certain level of knowledge more advanced, so it is offered as an extra complement.

All Web applications created with Wix Code include optimization for SEO. That yes, we will need to complete the required data through the corresponding menu option: titles, descriptions and keywords that will be applied to the generated dynamic pages.

Wix SEO Wiz

And speaking of SEO, at this point everyone knows how important it is to get a good positioning in the results of Google. This can depend on the success or failure of a project or business. In Wix offer a complete solution of tools and applications to implement it, in addition to a service called Wiz SEO, which answers the most frequently asked questions about it.

Wix Arena

But what if these tools do not have enough and you want to give your Web site or application a different, unique and professional? In that case is where Wix Arena comes into play, an internal marketplace where we can hire an expert designer in Wix. Each one has a page in which a short description accompanies a portfolio of works done, and the option to contact them directly via email. As well as a list of his skills as a designer.

At this time the offer is really overwhelming, with hundreds of developers and designers participating in the program.

wix arena

Wix plans

In order to access all these tools is necessary to have account in Wix, where the premium plan more expensive hardly costs the same as an economic hosting, about $30 a month that include priority support, elaboration of newsletters, domain, and review Site Professional. If we opt for an annual plan instead of one monthly, we also obtain an interesting discount.

Wix Meetups

Lastly, since the last time we spoke here of Wix, another aspect that has grown exponentially is their community. We especially emphasize Wix Meetups, meetings and workshops that are organized around the world on the tools and service offered by Wix. In Madrid, for example, there is an active community that programs regular events, under the organization of Alvaro Mendizabal, in order to help the users to develop webs of success.

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