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wifi mapper

Although data rates are increasingly generous with the mega offered to the user, it is still a truth that, sometimes – especially in summer – it is too easy to run out of data, and that can be fatal. How will you then share photos on Instagram? How are you going to upload stories? How are you going to publish videos on Facebook? The solution is simple: connecting to a WiFi network. But of course, WiFi free access is not everywhere. Fortunately, there is an app called WifiMapper that can help you with this. We already anticipate that it is completely free and that works like a charm.

Wifimapper, developed by Open Signal, has the largest free WiFi point database in the world, with more than 650 million locations. Accessing your location, is able to show you on a map those nearby points where you can connect to a WiFi network and it specifies if it is free, if it requires a password or if it is paid. In addition, you can help the community by adding your own points, confirming if, indeed, it is a network of free access and even commenting on the speed or quality of it.

In order to participate in the community, you must register with WifiMapper.

wifi mapper

The app, by default, has activated an option to share the information of the free Wi-Fi networks to which you connect (this is how they manage to have so many). You can deactivate it if you wish, although it is your business to leave it operative to help other users. The locations of WiFi networks appear on the map in different colors depending on their qualities, namely:

Green : Free WiFi for all users. It is specified, if necessary, if there is a time limit or if it is necessary for the user to register -as would be the case of a hotel’s Wi-Fi, for example.

Blue : WiFi is for a fee or requires a subscription.

Red : it is a private WiFi, as it would be that of a house or an office.

When are you interested in having this application on hand? Without a doubt, when you travel. You may also find plenty in that city that you are going to visit during your vacations. It is a very useful app and works really well, so I recommend you take a look and try it on your terminal. It is available for both Android and iOS, I leave the links below.

Download Wifimapper from Google Play

Download Wifimapper from App Store

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