Wirepool, to know nearby WiFi networks and share other

Many times we have no choice but to pull WiFi networks available around us to avoid depleting our mobile data rates.

In this sense, Wirepool is a collaborative application in which users can share WiFi networks that they use in public places, including their respective passwords and speeds, so that they can be used by other people who later go to those same places, avoiding them Have to ask the passwords of the WiFi networks that are offered.

In addition, they will also automatically store WiFi networks that are located within a radius of 10 kilometers from their respective locations, in case they ever need to make some of them.

But more interesting is that users can see the shared WiFi networks from anywhere in the world, for which they will have to find the place where they are interested and move to the exact place, being able to see then the WiFi networks that it covers within the scope marked with a red circle, ideal if you ever plan to go somewhere to travel and plan to connect to WiFi networks.

Wirepool is available via web, via mobile application, and soon also as an application for Windows. This collaborative application has been placed as a product in third position today in product hunt.

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