Windows will add a function to run suspicious programs safely

It will no longer be necessary to configure virtual machines to test unfamiliar suspicious files or exe, because Windows has a simpler and more practical solution.

Windows 10 will add a new feature that allows users to have a sandbox mode, to run suspicious programs, without risk. Windows Sandbox will automatically create an isolated, temporary environment to test these types of files safely.

windows sandbox

It is fast, practical, no need to download VHD, without seeing the performance of the computer, or lose considerable space on the disk.

When Windows Sandbox is not installed, we keep the dynamic base image in a compressed package that has only 25 MB. When the dynamic base package is installed, it occupies approximately 100 MB of disk space. Windows Sandbox is also aware of the host’s battery status, allowing you to optimize power consumption. This is critical for a technology that will be used on laptops, where not losing battery is important to the user.

Once we perform the corresponding tests, this private environment will be deleted, along with the corresponding files. This solution will be available from 2019, as part of the features provided by Windows 10 Pro, and Windows 10 Enterprise.

Some of the minimum requirements required for running equipment with this feature are: 4G RAM and 1G free space and 2-core CPU. The Microsoft team has shared the step-by-step to enable this feature, at the following link.

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