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Websites and applications not to miss the results of the matches of Russia’s World Cup 2018

A few days ago published a list of websites and applications with which to follow the soccer World Cup live. What happens is that, many times (for lack of connection, to be working, etc.) we can not follow a stream.

world cup

If you are passionate about football and do not want to miss any results of the World Cup in Russia 2018, then we will propose some solutions to be always informed.

first of all, don’t miss a game

World Cup 2018 Calendar is a free extension for Google Chrome that will let us know which games are played each day and at what time.

wprld cup calender

It will hold a button at the top right, and every time you press it we will see the matches that are played this very day. Clicking on the dates we have the opportunity to know the schedules of upcoming matches.

The most important point is that it will adjust the time to our location, so you don’t have to worry about doing mathematical calculations to know what time a certain party starts in Russia.

For those who do not look for complications: Google

The fastest and easiest thing is to write “world football” on Google, having access to a table full of information and that is constantly updated.

world cup table

By clicking on each result we will be able to access a thread that is updated with the most important moments of the game. Best of all is that they offer us images and the design is responsive.

In addition to the live results, in the table that appears in the search engine we will be able to know the latest news, consult the classification or all the statistics: goals, assists…

Always on your Mac’s menu bar

LivescoreOSX is an application developed by Julien Vallini that will appear in the MacOS menu bar, offering results from the World Cup in real time.

In addition to showing the schedules of the remaining matches, a positive point is that we will get a notification every time a team score a goal. Yes, we will have to pay $4.51  to download it and unfortunately does not have a trial version.

FIFA Web and Apps

The official FIFA website, as it is logical, offers us a lot of information about the World Cup in Russia 2018. As well as being able to follow streaming games, we can quickly see the results of the matches.

fifa world cup

Also, if we click on a particular game we will access a live blog that is updated with everything that is happening during the match.


If you prefer to follow it from a mobile device, FIFA has world-specific applications that can be downloaded for free on IOS and Android.

Good alternative: LiveScore

LiveScore is one of the best known platforms to be aware of the latest sporting results. The design of the web is not the most attractive in the world, but the important thing is the data that it offers.

live score

Receive notifications on your phone with the latest news.
Fortunately, it has free applications for Android and IOS with which to consult results, who have marked and received cards, etc.

The design of the applications is more careful and they work in a fluid way. Another important point is that we will be able to activate the notifications if we want to be aware of everything that happens.

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