Watch Dogs 2 Review

As surprising as it may seem, the same Studio responsible for the first Watch Dogs has taken little more than two years to send us their changed and improved sequel. Watch Dogs 2 we travel, in the hands of Marcus Holloway and his misfits friends, the city of San Francisco.

Presented in 2012 and launched two year later, Watch Dogs has the honor of being the new best-selling Ubisoft intellectual property in its first week. But, above that, you have the dubious distinction of being the most obvious example of what we know in the industry as a downgrade.

In his trailer for presentation, before the existence of PS4 and Xbox One, Ubisoft left speechless half a world with one of the most powerful ever seen technical sections: modeling, lighting, textures, animations, effects… Everything glowed and betokened a level unheard of in the industry. When the game came to the shops, that Yes, it had little or nothing to do with it then and even assumed a substantial improvement with regard to seen in other sandbox released years earlier.

Also, despite end of trying to be one more than enjoyable video game (perhaps Ubisoft Montreal has released some bad video game in the last decade?), the project ended up being far from the expectations generated in the public during nearly three years of incessant promotion. Its treatment of history, a very interesting character or a somewhat bland town were, among others, their main problems.

For this reason we must recognize the value and merit having decision making of the study. Taking into account the feedback from users, they decided to start from scratch, keeping the skeleton of the saga, the mechanics of hacking and ctOs of Blume as ‘figure’ antagonistic, and modify, add and improve everything that no end of work on the first installment. Thus, a Watch Dogs 2 reached us, some days ago, much changed most of what one would expect.


Also, criticized by it after its premiere trailer, the first thing that enters through the eyes is an approach, both artistic and narrative, much more light, casual and even hipster (are multiple occurrences of this term in the adventure). After the sorry Aiden Pierce and the cold and grey Chicago in the first game, Marcus Holloway and the city of San Francisco passed the feeling of being before a whole new saga.

Beyond the deep face lift, it is surprising that the study has been able to undertake a project of this size in just two years. Unlike what happens with sagas like Assassin’s Creed, where several studies alternate their developments, the creative core has been the same and, as we say, two years have been enough to create one of the richest cities and live ever seen in a sandbox.

Perhaps that, already getting into flour, the main value of Watch Dogs 2. Not too exploded in the industry of the game, the city of San Francisco here wasted life, color and variety. Simply walk through the different neighborhoods and districts, stopping us to take pictures here and there and to see the behavior of the inhabitants becomes a great entertainment. There are many forms in which bystanders react to our actions and situations with which one can be found. So summery and soothing tone and being a melting pot of cultures are reflected here to perfection.

That is, because, the courtyard of recreation of Marcus Holloway and the rest of members of DeadSec in the city. A group of hackers with good intentions or ‘activists’ among which we find the archetypal genius with problems relating to others, a brave and creative designer, and perhaps the most charismatic of all, a setting that hides his face and emotions behind a mask mix Deadmau5 and Daft Punk style.

There are much of Mr. Robot here, of course, but the tone, I repeat, is much more light and casual. Watch Dogs 2 knows that it is a game whose aim is the fun and everything he proposes and offers going in that direction. Also, reflects very well the character youth. Listen winks, references and talks about Star Trek, Final Fantasy, Diablo or the superhero blockbusters sets the tone of our group of players.

Work environment, how to reflect the environment of the city and Silicon Valley, very important here, and the recreation of this group of lads who want to change the status quo to hack coup are really well made but, on the other hand, it is easy to stumble upon some dissonance when the mechanical playable scene.

Finally, and after, Marcus Holloway is not that vigilante dark and tormented by his past and everything that you had which was Aidan Pierce. We speak of a twenties with some other misdemeanor that repeatedly says that his goal is none other that have fun while “it sucks bad guys”. So, find us hitting shots and Stonewall the police or street gangs, in according to what moments, may feel somewhat uncomfortable and dissonant. Luckily, that Yes, 95% of the time we can opt for stealth or non-lethal attack.

And it is that there, in the other side of the coin, where it is one of the great virtues of the saga, going more in this second part. Each of the missions, both main and secondary, can be faced in very different ways; even within an aggressive or stealthy approach, there are multiple alternatives (the flying drone, that Yes, it quickly becomes an indispensable tool), something quite unusual and very commendable in a sandbox of this style.

We also found a substantial improvement in the system of progression of this second part, having more variety among you choose and, above all, more skills and improvements useful and with weight in the playable. Action component, leaving aside certain added weapons, remains virtually unchanged and that Yes, Marcus is much more agile than it was Aiden thanks to a deeper park our that, that Yes, could take you much more advantage.


With all, now is no surprise that Ubisoft has developed a sandbox remarkable. That it is, by against, that have known stop and change of heading with so only a delivery to their backs or that, although between jokes and hooliganism of twenty-somethings, is try themes as the privacy of the population, the racism and the machismo in the world of the technology and, to mode of satire, us encounter with entrepreneurs petulant abusive mega corporations and eccentric star of celluloid.


It is surprising that in just two years is has been able to create a video game of the dimensions of this Watch Dogs 2. Allegra perceive, from the first moment, Ubisoft Montreal heard the complaints and suggestions from the players after the release of the first Watch Dogs in 2013 and this sequel, despite maintaining the pillar of the hack and many mechanical playable, feels like something completely new. Much more fresh and fun to the player-centered.

The city and, above all, the created universe, constantly making the satire and social criticism, combine perfectly with the new group of actors, thugs and casual. In addition, the variety of options in each mission continues to grow and many are extremely fun and memorable moments that leaves this sequel. Just driving that has not improved enough or certain mechanical or rather repetitive objectives, ruin a sequel that marks the path to follow in the franchise.

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