Use the Forecast icons on the blog

Forecast, a great weather web-app to use in the browser or IOS. Forecast incorporates a set of very colorful minimalist animated icons.Well now the designer of those Skycons has released under public domain, which means you can download and use on your blog or wherever you want.

To do this you have to download the Github repository script and add the following code to your WordPress theme:

<canvas id=”icon1″ width=”128″ height=”128″></canvas> <canvas id=”icon2″ width=”128″ height=”128″></canvas> <script> var skycons = new Skycons({“color”: “pink”}); // you can add a canvas by it’s ID… skycons.add(“icon1”, Skycons.PARTLY_CLOUDY_DAY); // …or by the canvas DOM element itself. skycons.add(document.getElementById(“icon2”), Skycons.RAIN); // start animation!; // you can also halt animation with skycons.pause() // want to change the icon? no problem: skycons.set(“icon1”, Skycons.PARTLY_CLOUDY_NIGHT); // want to remove one altogether? no problem: skycons.remove(“icon2”); </script>

In the repository there is also an HTML document that gives us an example of CSS to use with the icons.

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