Try Cereals, a tool to create multimedia stories from the web

try cereals

If you are a user of Medium (the popular blogging platform) you are likely to be aware of the Series feature presented just over a year ago with the aim of telling stories through interactive cards and multimedia content. Today we talk about Try Cereals, a tool to create multimedia stories similar to those of Medium but compatible with any platform.

In particular, the tool is based on the creation of individual cards in which we can add multimedia content, such as videos, music, images, animated gifs… In addition, Try Cereals allows us to completely customize the appearance of each and every one of the cards that make up our history, so we can modify parameters such as color or alignment in a simple way.

One of the main advantages of Try Cereals is the ability to share our stories on all types of different platforms, which is a point in favor. At this point it is interesting to note that it is a tool recently created, so soon you will receive important news such as templates, a tag system and even an API.

Without a doubt, it is an interesting resource for all those who are looking for new ways to share content on the Internet. If it has caught your attention, we invite you to try the operation of Try Cereals through the project website. Then we leave you with a video of the operation of the tool:

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