Top 12 tourist attractions in cities around the world

Gives equal to be spring or summer, season high or low; There are some tourist attractions that keep their level of interest throughout the year for visitors and are always packed with people around, well equipped with cameras.

This would be the top 12 of the main tourist attractions (in cities) around the world, in order from least to largest influx of tourists. To the best until we get an idea for your next holiday.

12.The Sydney Opera House

sydney opera house

8,200,000 visitors a year. Built in 1973, this futuristic building designed by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon has completely transformed the appearance of the Australian port and part of the heritage of humanity by UNESCO since 2007. Paradoxically, over the 16 years that it took to be completed was the subject of much criticism and controversy for its advanced concept.

11.The Zocalo Of Mexico City

zocalo of mexico city

10,000,000 visitors per year. Also called Plaza de la Constitucion, is considered the world’s largest public square after the Tiannamen, has recently been the scene of the most spectacular scene of the last film by James Bond, Specter. The Metropolitan Cathedral and the Government Palace and other buildings surround this colossal atrium which once was the sacred precinct of the Aztec Tenochtitlan. Still see the remains of the Templo Mayor.

10.Pike Place Market in Seattle

pike place market in seattle

10,009,000 visitors per year. A market created in 1907 by farmers who were tired of the intermediaries. In 1922, it adopted its current appearance, with 11 buildings that house half a thousand shops, stalls and restaurants.

9. Tsim Sha Tsui Tour of Hong Kong

hong kong

10 million visitors per year. This area, built following the demolition of an old Kowloon Station and that he has inherited the name, is the true commercial heart of the city, full of hotels, restaurants, museums and services. The Avenue of stars, which runs parallel to the sea at Victoria Bay, imitates the Hollywood Walk of Fame with footprints and signatures of local artists.

8. Golden Gate Park in San Francisco

golden gate park in san francisco

13,000,000 visitors a year. The public park most important San Francisco is named after the bridge that is also its most recognizable icon. This green space was created in 1870 inspired in the Central Park of New York but with larger size, with 404 hectares. There is a Japanese garden, a memorial in remembrance the victims of AIDS, an area with bison in freedom.

7.Notre Dame Of paris

notre dame of paris

13,650,000 visitors per year. The Gothic Cathedral immortalized by Victor Hugo was the symbol of Paris since the Middle Ages until the Tower Eiffel exceeded (by the way, along with Sacre Cour and the Louvre also would be among the most visited places). Central rosette and gargoyles of the towers, including the Bell-ringer Quasimodo, moved to attract interest in the interest and the queues are long up to see them. The subsequent additions of Violet Le Duc did not, but enlarge it.

6.Tokyo Disneyland

tokyo disneyland

14,850,000 visitors per year. Disneyland-Tokyo was the first such brand Park built outside the US, back in 1983. It is divided into four thematic areas (Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland) and is not only the most visited but also the most profitable, because it is located in a metropolitan area of 30 million people.

5.The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul

istanbul grand bazaar

15,000,000 visitors a year. A thousand and one different products are sold in this market covered which is the oldest in the world of that type, founded after the conquest of the city by Mehmet II in 1461. There used to be several mosques in its interior but today space has been left only for trade: 4 thousands of jobs that give work to about 30,000 people. It is difficult to get out of there without buying anything.

4.The Forbidden City of Beijing

forbidden city of beijing

15,300,000 visitors per year. Built in 1420, 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties lived in the Grand Palace with his court, surrounded by a walled perimeter of 10 meters height, watch towers and a moat. This Palace, replica of the purple which habitarían the gods, 46 hectares and has exactly 9,999 rooms.

3. Market in Faneuil Hall, Boston

faneuil hall

18,000,000 visitors a year. When Boston became a full-fledged town, the market in Faneuil Hall ceased to be used as a meeting place for the Government and was transformed into what is now a place to buy foodstuffs in some of its 49 stores or Take something choosing drink between 18 bars and restaurants. On the fourth floor is the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company headquartered, that every July 4 reads the Declaration of independence from a balcony. Finally, and ultimately provided there George Washington for the new nation.

2. Times Square New York

times squares new york

39,200,000 visitors per year. Probably most popular U.S. square and one of the prominent world. Especially on new year’s Eve, which is when descends the famous ball while ringing the bells. Glow-the rest of the year, the neon signs while they step on the concrete streets real crowds. And that which has passed through delicate moments, since its construction in 1907 case of the great depression or the omnipresence of the sex and the drugs in the 1970’s.

1.The Las Vegas Strip

las vegas strip

39,670,000 visitors a year. Since 1941 was established in the Nevada desert El Rancho Vegas, the first time casino of the place, the so-called Sin City has not stopped growing and increased its fame through film and television. Paradoxically, the Strip-which strictly speaking FNO is part of the municipal jurisdiction but of neighboring Clark County-is the most representative corner, where the essence of Las Vegas is concentrated in the form of hotels, neons, spectacles, playrooms and Kistch decoration. Yes, no longer Elvis to cheer.

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