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Computer programs have bugs. It is something to which we are accustomed and that is inevitable, especially nowadays, due to the complexity to which comes certain programs and applications. Luckily, every problem has a solution and the developers of programs offers, updates and patches to correct them.

The most popular for their updates are Adobe Flash Player and Oracle Java, since they tend to be victims of attacks by hackers. This raises every so often a new update, which is recommended to install since it fixes bugs and ends with possible vulnerabilities.

Windows, for many years, is another of the major generators of updates. It is normal, because an operating system is a very complex program that has to make hundreds of different functions. The complexity of your code so that it is impossible to not find an error or a bug in any of its versions.

By luck, the system of updates of Windows has evolved with the time, and now download and install patches and updates in second flat and practically without our intervention. But is possible that want take them the reins of their updates, well because like control what is installed and what not or because manage several teams and not want to download the same update ten or twenty times.

Windows Update MiniTool

Our first recommendation as an alternative to manage Windows updates is Windows Update MiniTool.

Unfortunately, there is an official page where you find this program. It is available in a Russian Forum for technology. This is the most recent link. If you don’t understand Russian, you can translate the page with Google Translate. Luckily, the program is available in English, so you can understand the interface.

What makes this tool so special? For starters, it offers the same as the official Updater for Windows, the popular Windows Update: shows the installed updates, the updates to install, the history of previous patches…

But has its advantages, as choose the source or server from which download them updates, mark which lower e install, without have that make it a to a manually as occurs with Windows Update, uninstall updates not press by lots u hide them of the list before its installation,

Windows Update MiniTool works without installation, by which you can carry it in a memory USB or sticker and manage two or more computers. In this sense, to the download a time the updates you can install them in several teams using this tool.

Windows Hotfix Downloader

With Windows Hotbox Downloaded or WHDownloader, also you can better manage Windows updates.

Basically this tool is a downloader of updates, regardless of which version of Windows you’re using to run WHDownloader, very useful for the management of different computers.

It serves for updates of Windows and Microsoft Office, allows you to select which version of Windows you want to see the updates and patches available and you can batch downloads are simply marking what patches download. In addition, classified updates so you can clearly see what are security and which simply correct an error or add some new function.

Portable Update

In third place we have Portable Update, a tool similar to the previous one and that is designed to download updates and install them on Windows versions in isolated environments, such as for example, virtual machines.

In isolated environments there is no internet access for security reasons, so you need an additional way to install security patches. It is the case of Portable Update, which works on all versions of Windows from version 2000.

You can download upgrades, separate or batch, and save the installers in one folder to copy and install them on different computers.

WSUS Offline Update

Inally, another interesting solution is WSUS Offline Update, that as in the previous case, aims to save you time and bandwidth downloading only once your updates rather than several times if you have two or more computers in your charge.

It serves for Windows and Office, in 32 and 64 bit versions. The latest version is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, and customization options available, include the possibility of creating an ISO image with the downloaded updates, updates include patches for C++,.NET and Microsoft Security Essentials updates.

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