Tips for coping with a day without internet

When we leave the Internet connection, or we are in a place without a signal, the thing can be rude to us by not having entertainment options from the mobile like games, movies and others. However, even for this topic we have the solution to teach you some tips so that a day without internet is much easier to carry.

If you put your batteries and prepare with these instructions you can make a boring day a fun one with the same advantages that mobile data or Wi-Fi offers you. So without more time to waste, take note of these 5 totally practical tips.

1. Download one or more games that can be tested without internet : just have a bit of data or Wi-Fi, the first thing you should do is prepare yourself by downloading games that you can enjoy in offline mode. That is to say, you are going to take advantage of the internet only to download it and then you can play it from wherever you want without needing data. Today there are thousands of free deliveries and for all tastes: sports, racing, puzzles, action, etc.

2. Get a good book and give it to you while you can : for lovers of reading, this option should be done in the same way as the previous one, but it gives you the possibility to download one or more books through free applications and you can read it from anywhere and with the possibility of using Some tools: zoom, underline, among others.

3. The exercise can be your great ally : a priori it may seem somewhat unattractive, but you can take advantage of those days without internet to do all kinds of training both in the morning and in the afternoon. Playing, running, swimming, exploring and everything related to physical activities will help you release stress and forget for a while that you do not have internet.

4. Get rid of those unusable files and free storage : golden advice that will help you to detoxify your mobile is to eliminate all those photos, songs, videos and other files that are not useful or that you have repeated. By investing a few minutes you can increase the storage space of your terminal to invest it in other images and applications.

5. Have you wanted to configure your mobile but you have lacked the time to do it? : taking advantage of the fact that you have little or no stable signal to chat or see the memes on social networks, you can spend a few minutes configuring those options on your mobile that have bothered you so much or that you want to improve. From the brightness, the size of the letters, the wallpaper, the vibration, among others.

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