This word counter is great designed and gives you a lot of useful data about your text

Many times, we need to deliver a text of certain words, and that is why much of the text editors already incorporate a function that tells us how much we have written.

word counter

Word Counter is a page with an impeccable design, in which we can place any text, and we will analyze it offering many interesting data from it.

Word density, number of paragraphs, phrases…

In the gigantic space that appears to the left is where we will have to paste our text, and on the right side there are two tables with very interesting data. To begin with, you will tell us how many words and characters there are, specifying also the number of spaces there.

word counter

By default, some graphics for social networks are activated, which inform us what limit each of them has: 300 characters in Google +, 280 on Twitter and 250 on Facebook. If we pass, it will tell us the amount of characters that we have to delete.

If our text is very long it will change the data of social networks by phrases and paragraphs.

If you find that our text is much longer, data on social networks will disappear and it will show the number of sentences, paragraphs and pages that our text has.

word counter

Another interesting point is that in the table below we can check the density of words, and it tells us which ones we have used most (creating a ranking with percentages).

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