The year in Google searches: Top searches in 2015 is here

The year in Google searches.
It is a tradition across the globe to send in gifts and greeting on christmas. Like every year, Google has launched its special annual summary (known as Google Zeitgeist or the year in searches): a review of the most popular worldwide searches, and that they reflect quite faithfully, the events and personalities that have marked the year. Top searches in 2015 is ready with analytics for the critics to discuss.

To do this, Google has prepared a special website with detailed statistics of the searches, both internationally and by country, and a video that uses some of these statistics data to give an overview of the most important events of this 2015. What questions were asked in the search engine? What do these questions of us say?

Although more detailed results vary from country to country, generally are three major issues which have occupied the global Google search trends: help countries and people in need, show of support and some curious stories of pop culture. Tragedies such as the Nepal earthquake in April and the migration crisis of Syria this year fired searches relating to the offer of help, such as “How can I donate to help Nepal?” or “How it can be voluntary to help immigrants?”.

Top trending 2015 google searches

On the other hand, events such as the adoption of the couples of the same sex in the United States in April, or more recently, the attacks in Paris in November, gave rise to many questions but also to thousands of demonstrations of support. Searches for “París” and those relating to same-sex marriages, respectively, were this year highest in the history of Google.

But there was also time for lighter matters, like deciding what color was the damn dress. Believe it or not, this was also one of the trends that have marked 2015 in Google, with more than 73 billion searches in February.

Other issues that marked trend at international level were the Oscars in February, the collapse in the Greek economy in July, the scandal of the pollutant emissions of Volkswagen in September, the discovery of water on Mars in October and, of course, the premier of the latest Star Wars film in this month of December.

The website of the year in searches offers also a lot of Visual statistic and interactive graphics that review 2015 through Google searches, and see the impact of each one of the events of the year in different cities and countries.

In terms most searched on Google in these 2015 issues, it is interesting to review them because they are a demonstration of what interests us: we want to be happy, avoid the anxiety, and find things to do when we are bored or sad (and for all we ask you help to Google). On the other hand, the issues that most concern us are summarized in a list under the title “what if…”, which is new this year in the Google summary, followed by other issues such as “What would happen if Greece out of the euro”.

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