The trends of programming in companies in 2018


In codingsans they have just presented the new annual report related to the world of programming in companies.

It is a document of 39 pages in which the results of a study carried out among several technology companies are shown. In this it’s possible to see the most popular programming languages ​​(yes, earn JavaScript) and new ones that are gaining popularity in the next 12 months (attentive to Kotlin, who was born in 2012). The report also uncovers the most popular tools for testing (here wins Selenium), version control (Git), project management (Jira) and communication (Slack and Email).

In addition to seeing what they use within the companies, we can see some hiring tips from several technology leaders, since they show contracting methods used by technology companies to hire new software developers and tricks to retain and motivate developers.

As far as management is concerned, they indicate software development methods that are used by the most effective developer teams, as well as the main causes of delivery problems on time. We can read how technology companies guarantee the quality of the code and measure the performance of the developer.

Hiring talent is one of the common points in “what is the most difficult”, so it is clear that you have to put the batteries to gain skills and be “discovered”.

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