The risks of sleeping with the air conditioner

In these days of scorching heat it is almost impossible to sleep without a fan or air conditioning. However, both one and the other system involves exposing oneself to a series of risks that, however, we can minimize if we take certain measures.


Anything that causes rapid movement of air, including a fan, can evaporate moisture from the mouth and nasal passages, drying them. This makes a deep sleep difficult, because it increases snoring and other breathing problems.

This movement of air can also circulate dust, which could cause discomfort in some people, especially if they have allergies.

A good idea is to try to keep the fan at a safe distance from your bed and not have it blowing directly on you. To protect against dust and other allergens, it is recommended to keep an air filter in the bedroom. It is also advisable to perform daily sinus irrigation with saline solution, which can help with dry nasal passages, congestion and other nasal problems.

Cold air can also cause muscle contractions, so exposure to this air at night can cause stiff neck in the morning. This is more of a problem with the air conditioning that is left running all night than with the fans. In case air conditioning is used, then it is better that it does not point directly at the body of the sleeper, and that the temperature is not too low: adequate so that we do not sweat because we have heat.

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