The best apps of the week

Peach, 1Writer, Polarr Photo Editor, VOX, Portal, Tweakcolor and Roundme.

best smartphone apps

Another week, in readonn to provide a new edition of the best apps of the week, a section in which, every seven days, we show them several interesting applications for major platforms on the market.

1Writer (iOS). If you type texts frequently and, in particular, it uses the markdown language so, 1Writer is one of the best applications can be found in iOS. Noted for its simplicity (distraction-free), its keyboard shortcuts and multiple options to export the content, among other things. Their inclusion among the best apps of the week was inevitable.

Peach (iOS). The emerging social network of fashion in iOS. This unique service is notable for two characteristics: ease of use, and privacy. It does not have a main page that we encounter all content posted by our contacts. Instead, Peach insists that the us which go into the profiles of the users to view the content published by them. A different concept that is having a great initial reception.

RoundMe (Android). This application has the best scenery and best stories from around the world to the screen of your smartphone. In addition, it is compatible with VR technology, so those Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR-compatible and similar devices will offer an even more complete experience.

Portal (Android, iOS). You transfer large files between your smartphone and your computer? If the answer is Yes, Portal is a perfect solution to expedite that process. To do this, it makes use of both devices Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to Exchange files with a higher speed.

Tweakcolor (Windows). This simple photo editor allows, in addition to basic editing adjustments, easily modify the tones of a photography, opening the doors to artistic creativity. Impossible not to make it a niche in the best apps of the week.

VOX (OS X). If you are looking for an audio player to replace iTunes, VOX is a superb solution for OS x. account with a very visual interface (at the same time as simple), support for a wide range of codecs for audio and the ability to play audio loseless.

Polarr Photo Editor (OS X, Windows, iOS, Android). While Photoshop is the quintessential photo editor, the vast majority of people do not need an editor as complete as this – and can avoid disbursement that implies, this. Instead, editors such as Polarr Photo Editor meets most of the needs of photo editing, saving money and gaining way parallel, simplicity of use.

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