The Tesla of the trucks already are here: Nikola One feeds on hydrogen to the 1,900 km

Until a few days ago was nothing more than a concept that amazed many, for others, little more than smoke adorned with specifications and ideas they needed a demonstration. Today we can say that the vehicle is not a recreation created by computer, is a real truck capable of touching the 2,000 kilometers at a stroke.


According to its creators to Nikola One is it can see on real roads by 2020, a date that seems quite close, and knowing how this business works, we hope to meet. Unfortunately we don’t have any details on the points of availability – seems to be thing of the US and Canada-, nor on the particular price that will put this monster.

A kind of hybrid without emissions

Hydrogen is the main source of energy for this vehicle, which will give life to the Li-ion batteries 320kWh that feed six electric motors that actually move the wheels. We therefore have a hybrid system that the most that will spit out directly to the environment is water vapor.

With hybrid we do not mean an engine that switches between two different systems to operate, it is always the electric motor which sends forces to the wheels, as in a Honda FCX Clarity. And as always, with zero emissions, speak of direct emissions: according to the way that get you the original power, and the creation of the product itself, also dirty planet.

Any alternative that had been raised in his presentation so removed initial, it discussed placing a fuel engine for situations in which we stayed without power. Apparently no longer lack, and we also have the equivalent to 1. 000CV giving him a cargo of 29,500 kg capacity.When we left without hydrogen, is to comment that the batteries could move the vehicle between 160 and 320 km.Milton says that the weight of the Nikola One is much lower than that of a similar diesel vehicle, about 900 kilos less. This allows you to get better performance with the same charge, also more space for the same.

With the included hydrogen

The idea of Nikola is selling the vehicle as a complete service, in which the hydrogen and the maintenance are within a monthly payment, something like a lease. They would be paid between 5,000 and 7,000 dollars a month and you are entitled to use the network of refueling that the company wants to install in United States and Canada.

This would be possible for 72 months of use, you promise a network with 364 points – between 2018 and 2019-, and the guarantee of maintenance would come to one million and a half kilometers. That distance or seven years is the guarantee that the vehicle’s batteries.

Nikola One reserve is $1,500 and according to Nikola will enter 3,000 million dollars if all purchases resulting from this concept materialized

A booth of the future

Another aspect in which Nikola believes that there is room for improvement is in the liveability of the trucks, they are places where practically has to live a person long periods. There are all kinds of facilities such as beds, television 4K, connectivity 4G, refrigerator, microwave, Cabinet, or table.

There are also improvements in design of new forms that are available with engines are not combustion: shorter nose for better visibility, better aerodynamics for better consumption and sound, more interior space, pillars that create more panoramic windows.

Nikola Two

Accompanying the real truck, also had space for the future of the company, with the presentation of the Nikola Two. As its name suggests, is the second model in development, also a truck, but with smaller dimensions and one greater capacity of maneuvers.

If all goes as planned, it will also be available by 2020. It will work with the same hybrid system used in the One: hydrogen and electricity. I leave you with images that we have advanced:

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