Spying Apps-A Life Saver or a Privacy Killer

For those of you who don’t know what spying apps actually are, here is a simple introduction. Spying apps are simple apps available online that help you look over the activities of your loved ones online and offline. They tell you all about their life-their ideas, thoughts, friends, social personas, favorite sites and much more. However, the real question here is not what spying apps are but are they a life saver or a privacy killer is the main question.

Both of these ideas represent two sets of people of opposite thinking. While one side feels that using spying apps actually helps people save their relationships and helps them look out for their near and dear ones. While on the other side, people believe that using spying app is immoral perversion into someone’s privacy. It is for you to decide which one’s right but in the following lines, you will find some details regarding both aspects of spying apps.

A Life Saver

Spying apps are a really efficient and reliable way for keeping an eye on your near ones. Following outlines detail some of the people spying apps are actually helpful for and in what ways they are helping them cope with the modern technology.

For A Concerned Parent

For a concerned parent whose child just got onto the internet, spying apps can be really helpful. They can help them look into their child’s online activity, social networking behavior, online friends, things being shared over the internet and the places he is going. All this helps parents keep their children safe and help them avoid any online predators and cyber-bullies.

For A Business Employee

While not so helpful as they are for parents, spying apps assist a great deal in keeping one’s employees on the right path. By using spying apps, an employer can find out if there is a mole in the company or if someone is passing over some secret information to the rivals. They can also help employers see the dedication and efficiency level of their employees towards their work. This really helps both sides you know.

For A Married Person

This one’s the most in need of a spying app to look into each other’s life. Spying apps help strengthen such relationships by letting them know each other’s likes and dislikes by looking into their locations, sites they visit and people they are meeting with. This also helps them save the relationship by finding out if there is some affair going on behind their back. In such cases, spying apps really prove to be a lie-saver.

A Privacy Killer

It is easy to understand that for the person spying is being done on; spying apps are nothing more than merely privacy killers. It is their right to keep their lives private no matter what. Then again it is the matter of their future and safety on the internet. Following lines expose some of the ways in which spying apps are privacy killers.

Exposed Social Networking

The social networking sites of today are pretty personal regarding people’s personal lives and the alternate personalities they have developed on the internet. People tend to share very personal information with their friends and especially the youth of today have their chat rooms and conversations. Making your way in some one’s personal life like that with the help of spying apps is not something very good to do and looks like a privacy killer.

Text Messages

Text messages are another private thing that people do with each other nowadays and they are really something that should not be so openly spied on. Spying apps of today can have you look into someone’s call and messages logs and all details found within. It could be some secret and delicate information regarding business, some conversation with a new friend or a close and open talk with a close friend. All of which is not really morally commendable. This too proves spying apps as a real privacy killer.


As previously mentioned, the decision regarding the moral level of using spying apps is yours to make as different people tend to think differently on this delicate topic. However, if one doesn’t go too far with spying apps and does it for the right reasons, it is not really that bad of a thing to do. The rest is for you to decide.

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