Would you spend $10 to buy Nintendo’s Mario Park our game?

Nintendo Super Mario theme mobile phone games coming up: the United States on December 15, which named Super Mario Run (of the Super Mario Park our) game will land on the iOS platforms, including the iPhone and iPad.

Nintendo game released the news on its website, and further introduces the game’s game play and content.


The game will be divided into three different modes: world travel is the most common (World Tour) modes, that is, before Apple launches, as well as the previously released models shown in the video: Uncle Mario will be automatically run, players only need a very simple one-hand operation, control its jumping on the line. This model includes six iconic scenes in this series of games, such as spacecraft, underground caves, Plains, a total of 24 points.

Advanced mode is Toad Rally, mushroom gathering mode. Toad is very common in the Mario game mushroom men (qinuobiao, literal translation is chestnut), mushroom-gathering mode, players need to operate your own Mario, in a limited period, some more difficult challenges, and compete with other players: won the most gold coins and mushrooms in a challenge people cheering the most players WINS. However, participants need you to complete the level of world travel, or gained some reward in the mode of his Kingdom.

The so-called Kingdom of mode, is the Kingdom Builder mode, similar to a construction model. Players use Toad Rally rewards gold coins to purchase some ornaments. Like the classic Mario game pipes and bricks.

What’s interesting is the game’s pricing strategy. Players can download the game free in the App Store a limited number of times and the play of time, if you want to completely barrier-free to play this game, you have to pay $9.99, and do not need to pay any fees.

In the current game mode-infested world of free games and shopping times, Nintendo still choose a one-time buyout of this equivalent to pay to download mode, even Nintendo has issued a set of Pokemon Go hot has shown, free download and purchase can also be accepted by players.

Father of Super Mario, Shigeru Minamoto has explained in an interview why they choose to set a purchase price for the game “for Nintendo’s audience, many of whom are parents buying games for their children, (thus setting after a paid download), they know they only have to pay one time you do not need to worry about the next experience fee details. ”

But the price of $10 is not a particularly friendly prices: now on the App Store, selling pay price is lower than the price of the game. The Monument Valley of the Chinese players are very familiar with, the price is $3.99, and North American bestseller top Minecraft mobile version, sells for $6.99 – Minecraft is undoubtedly more complex than Nintendo’s Park our game. About mobile games pricing, Nintendo is a novice, currently have no way of knowing their pricing strategy.

IGN-sponsored investigation “would you spend $10 to buy this Mario tour”, there are 51.51% of the visitors chose not. But in comments district in players are views, some people think now a paragraph App worth you spent 10 dollars (the guy certainly no buy had Square Enix frequently 16 dollars of eventually fantasy series phone game), some people be select believes Nintendo of quality will make a paragraph value 10 dollars of game; certainly, also was select wait-and-see–after all you can free download and demo.

However, for domestic players, than is worth buying this issue is more important to buy or not to be: no domestic operator agent games abroad and cannot log on the App Store, is not a domestic Corporation announced the acting game. Experienced players can select the App Store changed–in the official list of 151 sold and in the countries and regions, including Taiwan, that is, you can play the traditional Chinese version.

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