Slow Motion redefined with Vickers Tactical

Never before the destruction of objects in slow had looked so spectacular.
Technological advances have brought us the possibility of knowing a range ofelement before we simply not stopped to analyze, as for example the effects of abullet that passes through an object, and is that such actions tend to be very fast forthe human eye, which leaves us only with the results and not the whole process.

But now through the creation and proliferation of cameras capable of recording in slow motion and super slow motion for a resolution already is HD and Full HD, are facing the possibility of admiring detail aspects that have never seen before, and that otherwise would be impossible to meet.

The beauty of the destruction in super slow motion

Slow Motion Redefined

Vickers Tactical is a group of soldiers withdrawn from the Navy of the United States,who are led by Larry Vickers, a veteran specialist in firearms and combat tactics. Thisgroup is dedicated to the production of videos where to demonstrate the scope anddiverse capabilities of a wide variety of firearms, come on, something very attractivefor the market of the United States.

Vickers Tactical videos we can find them on his YouTube channel with discreetsuccess, on the other hand, tend to participate in a television program in TacTV,speaking more than technical rescue, combat and strategies. But now thanks to avideo in slow motion, the world is getting to know them.

In the following video, they wanted to take advantage of the use of a special camera capable of recording up to 73,000 frames per second, an outrage if we consider that the cameras ‘normal’ do at up to 60 frames, or for example the new smartphones that record slowmotion make it to 120 or 240 pictures, so what they have done in Vickers Tactical brings a level of exquisite detail.

In the video, they make use of a semiautomatic pistol with intended to shoot towards common objects, such as an Apple, a banana, a soda bottle, one light bulb, among others, where we see a different perspective the level of destruction through hypnotic super slow.
To complement the experience, Vickers Tactical has uploaded a behind the scenes with the process and part of the production that made the video.
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