Six applications to enjoy astronomy

Astronomy is the science that studies everything related to the stars, their movements and the laws that govern them. Like all science, in addition to the professionals who dedicate themselves to it with all rigor, there is a segment of the population that, in an amateur way, is also interested in everything that has to do with the universe and its magnificence.

The mobile phone makes us Swiss knife of technology offering us the opportunity to enjoy astronomy, using it as the only tool thanks to the variety of mobile applications focused on astronomy that we find available in the market. Let’s see below, selection of those that we consider most useful and practical.

SkyView Free

sky view

To use this application we just have to focus on the point of the sky that we want with the camera of our phone. In this way, it will recognize the constellations or stars that are in it, providing us with all the information about their trajectories or names.

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Star map

star map

This application is based on augmented reality to offer us a complete map of the sky. As in the previous one, we will have to use our camera to focus on the point of the sky from which we want to receive detailed information that, as we say, will be shown to us as an augmented reality.

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ISS Satellite Tracker Detector

star chart

This application is specifically for observing the International Space Station (ISS). It warns us, by notifications on our mobile phone, the moment when the Space Station is in our position so that we can observe it. It also allows us (after in-app purchase) to track the Tiangong Space Station and the Hubble telescope.

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Star & Planet Finder

star and planet finder
Unlike the other applications we have seen, Star & Planet Finder allows us to enter the name of a star, constellation or planet to automatically show us its location in the sky.

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The NASA application is a perfect source of information to know what is happening at the moment up there. Through images that are updated on daily basis, it gives us information about launches or sightings of the ISS.

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Finally, we have an application something more specific than the rest, because it is a help tool for those who use a telescope. This app is useful to know the magnifications and fields of vision of the different lenses with which we work, being able to keep in it the parameters to use them later.

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