Facebook wants you to share your music on your network with Music Stories

Facebook today launched a new feature for our covers: the possibility to be able to share songs in the service and be able to hear a snippet of half a minute broadcast directly from Spotify or Apple music. This newness is called Music stories, and is available from today for the implementation on the iPhone (we hope that it will soon be available for other platforms).

facebook music sharing

The method for sharing these songs is very easy: simply copy the web link for the song or album that we are hearing from Apple music or Spotify and then paste it into a new publication of Facebook. The application takes care of the rest, creating an interface for playback.

Of course, all those who pay a premium subscription of Spotify or Apple music may listen to the entire song from their respective applications. The idea is, in addition to encourage users to share their songs in their profiles, motivate that the artists themselves promote more using Facebook.

Do you remember all the rumors that were formed about Facebook by launching its own music service back in 2011? We can see finally that the attempts at integration like this to simply raise the user traffic on the platform.

But that does not mean that Facebook has surrendered. Allying with the two main streaming services means opening the doors to its millions of users from entering more on Facebook and so not to lose the giant pace of visits (many of them from mobile) which it now enjoys. If you’re not able to compete with someone … form an ally. In the end, the benefit is mutual.

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