Secure your documents in Windows 10 by encryption

Security and privacy are two aspects that we observe more and more. There are times when we do not have (relatively) control over our data, but in other circumstances we can put measures to prevent unwanted access to what information.

If we have a PC with Windows 10, and we want to prevent some files from being seen by any user that has access to our equipment, we can make use of an option, unknown to some but extremely practical. We can encrypt the files to protect them and only have to carry out a few simple steps.

The primary objective of this measure is to avoid that the file can be read on another PC. If we encrypt it, it will not do anything to copy it or send it by mail. Only we will have access to it from our team.

To carry out the encryption we place ourselves on the file or folder on which we want to work, and we click with the right mouse button on it to access a new window with different options.


From among all we go down and choose “Properties”, so that a new window will open in which we will have to select the “General” tab.


We will see information regarding the file in question how the size and the creation date. If we move to the lower area we will see a box with the caption “Advanced”. We must press it.


It will open a new window in which it appears, and yes, the option “Encrypt”, which we must activate to encrypt the file. Once activated, click on “Accept” in the previous window, at which time a warning regarding the encryption of the file may appear. It warns us that although encrypted, if this is stored in an unencrypted folder, it could be accessible through temporary files created by editing program.


Once the files are encrypted, they will be marked with a lock icon in their preview and will only be accessible to the user who encrypted them. On another PC, this file will be completely inaccessible.

If you have followed these steps and do not see the encryption option, your version of Windows may be the most basic and therefore you do not have access to this option.

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