Space in 2015: We reached beyond expectations

This has been a good year for the space and astronomy enthusiasts. As well as the 25th anniversary in orbit of the Hubble Space Telescope (whose photo of the celebration of the birthday of the star cluster Westerlund 2, leads this entry), there have been several missions that have shed new light on places in the Solar system which, until now, had been almost hidden to us as Pluto or the surface of a comet during its perihelion.

Total eclipses of the Sun, about Mars, new images views of galaxies and nebulae well known by astronomers… Here is our collection of the best photos of the space in 2015 that account to much space porn, and are very spectacular.

On Pluto
Picture: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute
The New Horizons probe got in July which, so far, no one else had done: take pictures in high resolution, and nearby, the surface of Pluto. The vehicle also grasped Charon and the rest of satellite of the dwarf planet.

‘The awakening of force’ and the Hubble

THe Hubble
Picture: ESA/Hubble & NASA, D. Padgett (GSFC), T. Megeath (Univ. of Toledo) & B. Reipurth (Univ. of Hawaii)

The space telescope has not wanted remain outside the global obsession by ‘ StarWars. The awakening of the force ‘, and joined to it with a picture of emissions of energy of a young star in the molecular complex of the cloud Orión B.

The hottest star

The hottest Star
Picture: Hubble & NASA

Polla 2-427, or WR 124, is a Wolf-Rayet star, a very hot stellar type with intense ejections of matter. It shines around the Nebula M1-67.

The surface of Titan

The surface of Titan
Picture:NASA/JPL/Univ. of Arizona/Univ. of Idaho
The Cassini probe radar is able to penetrate the dense veil surrounding Titan, a moon of Saturn, and offer a look at its surface, captured during an overflown 10,000 km away from height.
India Steps on Mars
Mars Surface
Picture: ISRO
Mars Orbiter Mission, or Mangalyaan, is the first Orbiter from India sent to Mars, and the first to get there without being directed by NASA or Russia. The image is part of the Martian Máadim Vallis region.
Sun, birthday
Picture:SOHO (ESA & NASA)
Another mission which celebrated his birthday by 2015 was SOHO, who has spent 20 years observing the Sun. This ultraviolet image corresponds to the day of their anniversary, December 2. The bright regions are some two million degrees in temperature.
Here is a 4K Video that NASA released and got much attention in 2015. The Sun surface shown in this video is both overwhelming and scary.

Space Selfie
Space Selfie
Picture: NASA
Another photo taken by Scott Kelly at the station is this selfie he captured during spacewalk in October. Those walks are used to repair or install new components on the outside of the ISS.
Sunset on Mars
Sunset on Mars
Picture: NASA
The Curiosity rover photographed a sequence of images, during nearly seven mninutos, showing a sunset on Mars in its Sun (Martian day) number 956 on the red planet. It was the first which captured in color.
A spiral galaxy
Spiral Galaxy
Picture: Hubble & NASA
This photo of the telescope Hubble space shows the central part of M63, a spiral galaxy that also known as the sunflower. Blue dots of his arms are young, almost newly formed stars.
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