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How to record your Mac or PC screen in video

Capture, edit and save your videos with the same app.

It is increasingly more frequent to watch videos where a computer’s desktop is displayed and discussed something related to a program or shown a PowerPoint presentation. Same thing happens with video games that you can see on YouTube or Twitch that have been recorded on a video game console or directly on a PC.

There are tools to record your screen in video for everyone. In the past we’ve talked about them and even Windows 10 brings series an app for recording video on screen.

Always choose one or the other depends on if you want a free tool or paid, if you want to edit the video, or the output of the same quality. Today we will take a look at an app very easy to use and suitable both for users who want to record their first videos for those who already have experience. It is lama Ice cream Screen Recorder and works on Windows and Mac.

Ice cream Screen Recorder features

The main reason to use this video capture app is that it works from the moment that you open it. From the main window, you only have to choose what you want to do, it record your screen in video or photograph the desktop. In both cases, you have two options: a specific area or the entire screen.

While you don’t need to configure anything, it is possible that you want to take a look at the configuration options. You will see that the videos recorded sound and image and that you can store the result in MP4/MOV (video) or JPG/PNG (image).

In the case that concerns us, the video, opens a small window with the customization options. You can specify the size of screen recording (full screen or specific resolutions). At all times you can pause, resume and stop the recording, as well as disable or reactivate recording microphone or speakers.

icecream screen recorder

An interesting detail of Ice cream Screen Recorder is the ability to draw on the screen before you start recording, or during the process. It will be very useful to indicate numbered points of interest, highlight an element with a rectangle or an arrow, and include text messages. On the version of Windows you can also highlight the position of the mouse and zoom or move the camera while you record, and schedule the recording at a particular time.

At the end of the recording, the video will automatically open in your video player by default and you will see the list of videos in the main window of Ice cream Screen Recorder.

The free version record videos of up to one minute of duration. Keep in mind that you can assemble with a video editing app, and if you need more length clips, you can get with the paid version. Payment or Pro version has other functions equal practices how to integrate a watermark to highlight the authorship of the video or set video quality so that it occupies more or less size at the expense of the video better or worse.

Tips to record properly

To record your screen in video with the help of a good tool, you don’t need to learn too. That Yes, arm yourself with patience, as a minute of video requires much time between recording, since you will have to perform several intakes.

As it happens to record any type of video, before you get to work you should take into account what you want to achieve with your video, what you want to tell and how you want to do it. A script where to neatly explain plans to record and the aim of each level you will be very practical for, once finish burn, you can edit the video comfortably without having to record an oversight or a bad plane.

video recording app

Another detail to consider, at the technical level, is that you have to fit well what you want you to see in your video. By default, you can record the entire screen, but if you only want to highlight a small window of program or a web page, it is possible that the attention of those who see the video get distracted with the wallpaper or the folders and files you have there and is not necessary to show in the video.

Care is important, and if we take into account that online videos have to be short and direct because care who sees them decay very fast. Try to record scenes short and direct, do not walk on the branches and do not hesitate to help graphic elements to highlight a point on the screen.

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