Raspberry Truffle Custard Shake: New Year Dessert for a delightful celebration

Christmas and New Year bring us the best holiday season that would also special memories and best friends together. Why not make the celebrations big by welcoming some friends for dinner and serve them a dessert that would make you special in their minds. We have the right recipe for gifted season. Raspberry truffle with some cream and toppings would make a great companion to your meal or as a separate serving.


  • 125ml red wine or just any soda
  • 200g (2 cup) raspberry jam
  • 1L fruit custard or just milk custard
  • 1L shipped cream
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Preferably strawberry pudding if not chocolate brownie


Whipped sweet cream, Ice cream Scoops and Fruit.

Mint leaves if you want to add some nice aroma to the serving

Let’s Begin

Preparation Method

  1. Take the raspberries and some red wine(based on requirement or soda if not wine) to a bowl.
  2. Crush some raspberries and put to a side.
  3. Add some Cream to this mixture and whisk till all the 3 ingredients are mixed.
  4. Take the raspberry Jam, add in either strawberry pudding or chocolate brownie and mix well. You will get a rough and powdery mixture. You could actually eat this mixture! 😉
  5. Place this jam mixture in a small bowl and spread it evenly .
  6. Put some fruits on the layer of jam.
  7. Add in lots of custard while preferably adding a layer of chocolate or raspberry syrup at random spots.
  8. On top of the bowl, add the crushed raspberry juice and some pulp
  9. Add the mixture of Raspberry and red wine. You will now have 3 layers of awesomeness in the bowl.
  10. Dig deep into the bowl to take a bite and sip of all 3 flavors when eating.
  11. OR!!!! You can add some more sweet soda and mix all 3 layers to form a thick milk shake and drink it the witty way with bites of fruits in every sip.
  12. Adding any mentioned toppings will make the truffle taste even better.

Raspberry Truffle

Happy Raspberry delights!!

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