Porsche will invest in new 1400 employees developing electric cars after 3 years

Porsche selling more than 10,000 electric vehicles a year will be profitable.


Porsche has at last December’s first Mission concept electric vehicle, the e, and compete directly with the Tesla Model s cars, e, this Mission will bring at least 1000 new jobs. And now in Porsche’s parent company, Volkswagen Group after the discharge occurs, this concept car or will increase more than 1400 jobs for companies.

Began the development of electric cars, Porsche is shown as a traditional internal-combustion car manufacturers in product changes in strategy. In a Reuters interview, Porsche boss Uwe Hueck said, other research and development other than 1400 employees committed to Mission e, extra, will have more than 350 Digital experts is committed to the new concept and operational areas of the work.

Porsche said, and hopes to begin in 2019 at its Zuffenhausen plant in the production of electric cars, but the company refused to disclose the production targets, however, Hueck said the company sold more than 10,000 products will profit a year. (Author: David Lumb compilation: Rabbit)


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