In recent days we have been dedicating several interesting articles one of which could consider games of the moment, as it is the case obviously Pokemon Go, and today we have to carry out another text that somehow complements the previous. The truth is that we’ve talked about the requirements of Pokemon Go, and we have said that it is essential to have a mobile phone with gyroscope to enjoy it. At the same time, had taught how know if my phone has a built-in gyro sensor.

What happens is that you as a result of the foregoing, we have received more and more messages from users and readers who want to know if it is possible to enjoy Pokemon Go even when we do not have a mobile phone with gyroscope, so that the idea is to talk a little on the subject just in case. The first thing you need to know, in any case, is that you must have iOS or Android operating system anyway, and meet the rest of the specifications we have mentioned on this site more than once.

Pokemon Go without gyroscope


As we said before, one of the keys of Pokemon Go as game is the use of all elements of the surrounding reality, but the problem is that without damn gyroscope, it is completely impossible to have the possibility of enjoying the game in comparison with those who do have it. Anyway, let’s just say that if before we could even run the game, from the most recent updates of Pokemon Go it is entirely possible to do so, and that is a great advantage.

The same applies to sensor accelerometer, another of the elements that are usually integrated into smart phones and we need to play Nintendo and Ni antic. In this respect, we have to consider while nole have in our device, we can just do run the game. Of course, an important part is lost, and is that we will not see creatures on land, in the office, anywhere we surround, something that makes it a little less fun, though as functional.

Then, some other limitations of Pokemon Go without they have fortunately been overcome thanks to the work of the developers, and in this case we must talk about the compatibility with processors x 86 Intel, as well as the operating system Android N, either before leaving to run the game. Moreover, there is now any limitations, so you should be able to enjoy this title more trouble-free performance, dedicating a good time every day if it is that you really intend to progress.

Do you have gyroscope on your mobile? Do you play Pokemon Go equally?

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