Pistachios to combat high blood pressure, stress and cholesterol

Pistachios helps to reduce blood pressure and keep both daily stress and cholesterol under control. Confirming the precious properties of pistachios is a new study from the Pennsylvania State University, also published in Hypertension, the trade journal of the American Heart Association.

According to the scientists who carried out the research, eating small dose of these precious fruits regularly is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a real and natural help against some diseases of modern society: high blood pressure, stress and bad cholesterol.

The experts reached these conclusions after studying the effects of pistachios in a sample of non-smoking adults, and high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

By providing volunteers with a healthy and balanced diet and small amounts of pistachios, the doctor found a clear improvement in the physical conditions of these patients: in a short time the systolic blood pressure decreased, the vascular resistance improved and the heart rate improved in the situations of strong physical or mental stress (the volunteers were first subjected to a mathematical test, then to a cold water resistance test).

According to Dr. Sheila G. West, who conducted the study along with Penny M. Kris-Etherton, by comparing two diets (designed to allow volunteers to maintain their initial weight) that contained pistachios (42 g and 85 g) and a low-fat diet without pistachios, it was discovered that people with high cholesterol levels, with the help of pistachios, are able to react better to situations of stress.

In recent years, the doctor had conducted a similar study on the beneficial effects of nuts.

In summary, eating moderate amounts of pistachios helps control blood pressure and vascular load in the heart.

Daily events such as work stress, a short term or interacting with public to increase blood pressure, and we know that it is impossible to avoid all the stress factors in our lives. – Sheila West PhD, Associate Professor of Bio Behavioral Health (BBH) and lead author of the study – These results are significant because they show that the physiological responses to stress are influenced by the food we eat. These changes in blood pressure have even occurred if the levels of humor, anxiety and tension reported by oneself have not changed.

But there is more: because pistachios (if consumed in small doses) help to keep even the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood under control and increase the levels of “good”.

“These results are very exciting, in addition, because they demonstrate additional benefits of pistachios in another risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The study – Our previous research suggests that the inclusion of pistachios in a healthy and balanced diet reduces LDL cholesterol in a dose-response mode and increases antioxidants in the blood”.

This research adds to the growing body of literature on the health benefits of pistachios. Dehydrated fruit, like pistachios, it is an important element of a healthy and balanced diet.

Therefore, once again, studies confirm that the fruits of the Mediterranean diet help to keep us healthy without necessarily having to resort to medicines.

So we go for a healthy and light diet adorned with pistachios!

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