This phone has a 10,900 mAh battery

The batteries of mobile phones are certainly one of the issues that most us obsessed when it comes to talk of a smart phone. To forget the plug for more than 24 hours has become almost a utopia, by when we find a team which comes barely two days, celebrating it as never before.

Today however we need to ask you to forget anything seen so far and pay attention to this Unicorn: a phone with a battery of no less than 10,900 mAh. It’s the, a team that has all the earmarks of sold only in China, but whose module – which can also be replaced – is remarkable enough to talk about it here.


The team at present only has left is to see in images of press and by its appearance, seems to be a special edition in collaboration with the Italian House Lamborghini. We do not know the calculated autonomy that can throw us such bug, although with 10,900 mAh you will do a handful of things for several days without phone order dose of current. Other benefits, that Yes, they are rather normal, finding ourselves with a terminal with 5.5 inch screen of 1280 x 720, processor quad – core MediaTek MT6735, 1 Gb RAM, 16 GB of storage and a photographic system composed of a 13 Mp back camera and another 5 megapixel front.

The phone can be found as available on the Asian web Jingdong ready for booking by a fairly adjusted price if we consider carrying Lamborghini brands by flag: 220 dollars. Seen their energy power, will be one that up to think about making a trip to the wall of China only to take advantage and get the YAAAO 6000.

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