Online and free Google course with tools to start a startup

Get Your Startup Started is one of the proposals in online courses and free of Google, which are taught on the Udacity platform.

The course program provides an overview of the beginnings of a startup, and how to prepare for the different stages. For example, the first module analyzes how to write the mission and vision statements of the company, how to establish objectives, among other topics.


The following modules will show the importance of having mentors or co-founders, how to create a team, analyze the different financing models, and how to create a pitch deck that captures the attention of investors.

The course lasts 3 weeks, from 3 to 5 hours per lesson, although it does not follow a fixed schedule, since it can be done at the pace we want. We can see the videos of the lessons directly on the Udacity platform, or download them (together with the subtitles) to view them at any time, without relying on the internet.

And if we have any doubt about the contents of the course, or we would like to share any opinion related to the subject, we can use the forums that the platform enables. To participate, it is only necessary to have an account in Udacity, which we can create using Facebook, Google or our email address.

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