New WhatsApp for Business

whatsapp for business

WhatsApp has announced that it has expanded its support for companies by adding three new ways to be in contact with customers, and in the meantime, shows more seriousness with the monetisation of this messaging platform.

On the one hand, users can receive different types of confirmations by WhatsApp when they have provided their phone number to companies through their websites, applications or physical stores. In addition, they also allow companies to include the “Click to chat” button on their websites or Facebook ads so that customers can quickly contact them, and finally, companies can also start offering real-time assistance to resolve issues or help with problems.

We must bear in mind that the messages that companies send to their customers in response will not have any cost provided that it is done within the first 24 hours since said clients contacted them. After these 24 hours, Facebook will charge companies for each message they send, although the rates that are going to apply are unknown. That is, if a company is slow to respond to a customer, it will have to pay.

In addition, advertisers will be able to buy ads within Facebook, through the ad manager, being able to integrate the “Click to chat” button to encourage commercial conversations on WhatsApp in a similar way to the function that enables commercial communications in Messenger, although According to VentureBeat, this feature has not been very successful.

For now, WhatsApp for Business is available for some 90 companies, some of them well-known, although from the platform it aims to expand the new WhatsApp application for companies to other new business organizations gradually.

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