New Google tool to check the status of a specific URL

Two weeks ago, the Google team announced a new tool for Google Search Console, to know how the search engine sees a specific URL, and make sure it has been indexed without problems. At that time, it was only available for a small group, but now it is extended to all users.

The URL inspection tool lets you know how Google crawled and indexed a specific URL from our website. This process is done from Google Search Console, so it is URLs of verified domains, regardless of whether they are AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) or not, or if they are versions of alternative or duplicate pages.

search console

This tool will give us different results, indicating if the URL is in Google, or if it has not yet been indexed by certain errors. In each case we will detail all the factors that are taken into account, and the aspects that must be improved to have the expected result.

For example, the tool may indicate that the URL is indexed, but that it has a problem with an associated AMP page. So we can use the data provided by the tool to make the corresponding changes.

So that there is no confusion when reading the report that throws this tool, it is advisable first to take a look at Google Help Center, since the results may vary depending on the factors listed there.

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