New generation Nike Soccer Shoes blessing 3D print + motion-capture technology

Magista 2 gives the feeling of wearing a pair of thick socks, which is what Nike wants in results.


Compared to football and other sports, shoes play a more important role, good shoes can help athletes play a high level. But for professional players in the world, and certainly more than the average person about sneaker technology development. This week, from members of the professional football of the world will experience the latest flagship football boots from Nike Magista 2. Compared with 2014 models, Nike expressed generation shoe embodies two years all efforts. In the past two years, athletes Nike continue to collect a lot of data, and 3D printing technology to produce some prototypes, and starting tomorrow will be shown at the flagship store.

First, the new generation Magista 2 due to the sole use of the analysis technique called Finite Element Analysis, thus 30% lighter in weight than the previous generation. Meanwhile, this system to build an optimal data base allows designers the best place to find spikes on the soles. 3D printing technology makes possible this design approach. Nike Senior Design Director Nathan VanHook says, turned out to be a few weeks or even months of prototype process now only takes a few hours to complete.

Rely on 3D printing FEA model, VanHook says the team is receiving studs brought about by the feedback data to different locations, which are carried out by a robot simulation and find out which location is most suitable for turning, acceleration and deceleration, and designers and engineers to find the most suitable point of force. These data help prevention team to create a perfect soccer shoes, and in any weather and site conditions that players will have a perfect play, both dry and moist environments.

VanHook, as series of Air Yeezys, the designer of 3D printing gives very high appreciation. “We can use this technique to test one of the most extreme cases, and the quick fix and perfect for different problems. “Simply put, VanHook says 3D printing technology to Nike’s innovative speed increase 10 times. Without waiting for the metal or die cut in the design process, and from sketches into actual prototypes very quickly.

From a design perspective, Magista 2 can be said to be now the most amazing shoes Nike products, this is one is famous for its ornate design products, including Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Mercurials, neymar HyperVenom and the Tiempo series. Most Magista 2 shoes have very bright color scheme that allows players on the pitch as the most distinctive element. Magista 2 introduced a “heat map” designed to simulate the number of different players touching the ball part, while the red part is AlphaBounce series with the adidas running shoes like Nike ball for players in different regions also conducted a study on motion-capture, and reflected on Magista 2 design, and Nike are registered trademarks of FlyKnit material.usually the highest sensitivity.

Not only products, Nike players are also tested with more than more than 20 cameras capture 10000 frames per second high-speed picture and animation films like three-dimensional motion capture system and model reconstruction of the foot and the ball, in each scene of the interaction between the two.

Therefore, actual player experiences, Magista 2 what feeling? According to the description, Magista 2 feels like a thick pair of socks, which is what Nike wants results. After 15-20 minutes of adaptation, Magista 2 very comfortable to wear. But Magista 2 costs up to us $300 (about 2000), version for $175 (about 1167).

Magista 2 one of the great features is the ability to help players controlled the ball, but in the two hours in my tests, I found that there have been some wear. Magista 2 may not turn you into Ronaldo, Messi or neymar, but can definitely improve your level in training and competition.

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