MyShake: turn your mobile phone into a Seismometer

In February this year, of the University of California, Berkeley seismologists released MyShake, the app can passively monitor seismic activity and seismic observation and alert the user when the earthquake happened. Launched a few months later, this application exceeds developer expectations: more than 200 times in more than 10 countries to detect earthquakes.

The application downloaded nearly 200,000 times, but not many concurrent active users. Still, this application will wait for the phone to enter an idle state, sensor information for more accurate reading. However, in the first 6 months of launch, the sensor network proved to be very effective.

One of the developers of the app Kong Qingdao (Qingdao Kong, voice), said: “we have found that MyShake can detect large ones, but small earthquakes could be detected. We thought, this cannot be done. ”

Preliminary results have been presented on the publication in the journal geophysical research letters.

Other scientists and engineers have found that the performance of accelerometers in mobile phones and other smart devices is very powerful. Seismologists, distributed in the Epicentral distance and dozens of hundreds of sensors at different altitudes is a valuable resource. This will also help ensure the security of earthquake-prone people, to warn the crowd nearby, giving them more time to prepare and tell each other.

MyShake also provides a summary of global earthquakes in the near future, and displayed to the user on the local history of earthquakes.

This app on the Android platform for free, you can download it from here.

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