‘The Mummy’, poster and first teaser for the reboot starring Tom Cruise

Universal has just presented its new universe of monsters. Here we have the first poster and a teaser trailer of ‘The Mummy’ (‘The Mummy’), reboot featuring Tom Cruise as the protagonist but, obviously, he plays the hero’s history. The creature has changed sex and has the face of Sofia Louella, seen in ‘Kingsman’ or ‘ Star Trek: beyond ‘ (‘Star Trek Beyond’).

The advance is very short, only 15 seconds, but appears one of the stars of this new and ambitious series of films: Russell Crowe, who will play Dr. Jekyll. We know that Johnny Depp is also on board in the role of the Invisible Man and they want Angelina Jolie as the bride of Frankenstein… but before seeing them all together, it will check if ‘The Mummy’ at the box office.

Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson and Courtney B. Vance also listed in the cast while the staging is by Alex Kurtzman, screenwriter on franchises like ‘Transformers’ and ‘Star Trek’ who made his debut as a director in 2012 with the drama ‘so we are’ (‘People Like Us’). ‘The Mummy’ premieres in the summer of 2017. Here you can read the official Synopsis:

“She believed it was buried in a deep crypt of an unforgiving desert, but a former Queen whose destination was unjustly taken from him wake up in our world, bringing with it an evil that has grown over thousands of years, and horrors that defy human understanding.

From the vast sands of East Middle a hidden labyrinth under the modern London, the Mummy brings a surprising intensity and a balance between amazement and excitement to a new imaginative version which marks the beginning of a new world of gods and monsters.”

Don’t Miss the Teaser down here. Stay Tuned for a Trailer update

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