Mozilla wants to build a news feed better than Facebook, which is personalized but without collecting your information

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Just over a year ago that Mozilla bought Pocket and began to integrate the famous application to “read later “ in your Firefox browser. In fact, in some countries, Firefox shows reading recommendations that are extracted from that platform.

It is just with Pocket that in Mozilla they are building what they want to be a better version of the news feed of Facebook within Firefox but without the collection of data that makes the social network. This was explained by the CEO and founder of Pocket, Nate Weiner, in an interview with the Verge.

Weiner believes that local data processing is the future of custom recommendations. The idea is to create a customization system that uses our browsing history to offer personalized content recommendations.

firefox pocket

The key difference is that none of those data returns to Pocket or Mozilla, all step on the client side, i.e on your computer or mobile where you have Firefox, not on the servers of the company that will not be kneading as Facebook does.

Personalized news Thanks to our browsing history, but without Mozilla collecting our data.

Weiner also took the time to criticize Zuckerberg’s position, which when he had to talk to the U.S. Senate said that his premise is that “users give their data in exchange for a better experience “. In Mozilla believe that this should not be the premise, that there is a way to build things without having to give your full life profile to have a good experience.

The vision of Mozilla is certainly interesting and also optimistic, create a model that helps the media and the user at the same time, and that is also beneficial for the company itself, will be a challenge, so it says that to create something good, it will take some time. But the idea is there.

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