Mozilla launches an extension for Firefox that prevents Facebook from tracking you off Facebook

With the Cambridge Analytica scandal there are many who have decided to start deleting their Facebook accounts, but we know that this is not a viable solution for everyone, and while there is a way to continue using Facebook without sharing your data with other, the tracking that the social network carries out even when you are off Facebook, is something that is not going to stop if you continue using the service.

Mozilla, which a few days ago announced that would stop paying for advertising on Facebook until they improve their privacy settings, and now have launched a new extension for Firefox that stops the Facebook crawl off Facebook.

facebook container

Facebook Container is a complement for Firefox that as Mozilla explains, isolate your Facebook identity from the rest of your activity on the web. When you install it, you can continue to use Facebook in a normal way, the difference is that it will be much harder for Mark Zuckerberg’s company to use the information he collected outside of Facebook to show you publicity and other personalized messages.

It is a tool with which Mozilla wants to help the users to obtain a solution that protects them, without that they have to stop using a service that they can obtain valuable things. Facebook has many good things that many people do not want to do without.

firefox mozilla

At the moment is only available for Firefox, and there is no mention of plans to launch it for other browsers like Chrome.

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