Mozilla is working on an experimental browser that is voice-controlled and can read articles

In Mozilla are working on interesting things, yesterday we commented just on the news feed alternative to Facebook that want to create within Firefox, one that is customized by user but without tracing our data.

Today we learn about his project called “Scout “, an experimental browser that is controlled by voice and can do things like reading aloud the articles you visit on the Web.

Mozilla wants to create a new experience, one that does not depend on the mouse and allows the user more space for multitasking (although we do not know how productive you can be with a browser narrating an article in the background).

‘ Scout ‘ would be something like a virtual assistant and Web browser at the same time, in any case it sounds interesting and with the bet that every time they make more companies with their Alexas, Siris and cortanas, makes sense.

For an assistant of this type to work as well as possible, you will obviously need to collect some telemetry data (which other platforms use rather indiscriminately) to learn user preferences.

A voice-controlled intelligent browser that collects Telemarketing data locally. It doesn’t sound bad at all.

However, given that Mozilla has stood firm in its position to do this type of analysis locally to not violate the privacy of the user, it does not seem to be something that we should worry about at the moment.

Mozilla presented this project at the All hands San Francisco event, where they said they would soon expect to discuss their efforts publicly, when they are more advanced in development. At the moment we do not know much more about it or when it will arrive.

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