5 reasons why your mobile phone spy software is groggy and useless

Mobile phone spy software for your kids’ or employees’ smartphones is a great bliss, if you have the one that’s effective and reliable. You can track phone logs, online activity, emails, GPS location and do a lot more. But it’s not the case if you are not having the best app for spying on others. In fact, there are 5 clues that can tell if your spy app is worthy of your target smartphones and tablets. Read these out and then choose something that doesn’t fall into either category.

mobile phone spy app

1. Your spy app is obsolete
There are many apps that were once great monitoring tools, but with time, they turned obsolete. If your app is not getting regular updates, then it’s probably keeping you away from the latest features and best performance. For example, Xnspy is a fairly new app, but within a short span of time, the app has come up with many new and timely upgrades. If your child wasn’t using Instagram before, but does it now, you need to switch, if your spy app is not providing new updates to keep up with new apps.

2. Your app is too expensive
If you are using an app that’s skimming away a lot of cash every month, you need to get a new one then. Initially, the market for spying apps was not as diverse as it is now, so many apps charged premium pricing, exploiting users to their advantage. But now that there are many new competitors and saturated market, many of these older apps haven’t renewed their billing plans, because of their humongous user base. For example, Flexispy starts at $30/month, while another app, Xnspy, starts at just $8/month. The difference is clear!

3. Your app isn’t providing real customer support
Spy apps require you to connect to online Control Panel to access monitored devices. Minor bugs are always there even for the best apps around, due to the innate nature of coding. But what can help you with the resulting inconvenience is the customer support. If your app isn’t providing you a 24/7 assistance with your problems, then you are wasting your money over the wrong app. Imagine having to monitor someone’s GPS location, but the GPS tracking won’t work. You can miss out on something very important if you don’t get help in time.

4. Your app provides limited features
What if even after paying a premium price, you are still not getting the best features and value for your money? This is when you continue to hold onto some app for too long without comparing it with other apps. There are always new apps coming out that you can give a try. Open the browser on your smartphone and search for something new. Apps like XNSPY and Trackmyfone are a few ones to look at. They are affordable, reliable and offer tons of amazing features.

5. Your app isn’t reliable
If you app’s server seems to be down most of the time, it’s not a reliable one. Make sure you are getting an app that works 24/7 without stumbling.

About XNSPY: Xnspy is a mobile phone spy software that is designed using the latest technology, with an aim to provide parents and employers with a cheaper alternative to expensive smartphone monitoring apps.

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