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Collage is an artistic technique that consists in uniting disparate elements to form a unique figure. Collage, collage or mosaic, this term is applied to painting, photography, film and virtually any artistic expression. From makes already some years, is common see mosaics of photographs, collages photographic or Photomontages, that combine several images to explain a history, recall a made interest or simply, because several photos have more than a single, and also, are well. On Instagram or Facebook, it is very common to find collages. The question is, how to do it? Normally, by hand, with the help of graphics editors such as Photoshop where you create a blank canvas and you’re placing the photos in order and position you want. But increasingly it is more common to find specific tools of photography to create collages of pictures automatically or practically, since they do all the work. In the past we’ve seen some of them to use the smartphone or even from the web.But every day come out new apps and web sites with this feature that are a good alternative to create a collage of photos and amaze acquaintances and strangers with your best images. Here are some examples.

Layout from Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular places to share and view photos, and how it could be otherwise, given the avalanche of collages decided to launch its own app last year to create collages or photographic mosaics.Layout (Android, iOS) facilitates the task of combining up to 9 different photographs, created at the time of your reel of photos of Android/iOS. It offers different variants that are generated automatically. When you find the combination that you like, you can save it as a new image or upload it to Instagram or other social apps. Other interesting functions of Layout is facial recognition to include in your photos to your friends or contacts and artistic filters that also offers Instagram.


IPhone users are equipped with Collageable, an interesting app that serves as a thousand and one ways to combine your photos. Well, in reality more than 200. Once created the mosico, you can reorder the photos you chose before and even edit them, because that integrates tools for retouching, stickers, text and other resources that enrich your collage. Collageable supports 2-16 photo mosaic, and once created, you can save it in photos for use with any other social app.

Photo Grid

An app to create mosaics veteran is Photo Grid (Android / iOS), as in the previous case, combines a lot of pictures thanks to its more than 300 combinations or mosaics available.To this it must be added which facilitates also the photo editing and the possibility of including funny as stickers or text elements. It also allows to create a video combining photos with background music and text boxes.

Photo Collage Editor

Photo Collage

Users of Android devices also have their own exclusive app for the most original mosaics. Photo Collage Editor has the ingredients that we have seen in other apps of collages, so it is difficult to opt for one or the other: stickers to decorate images, many possible combinations in the mosaics and the option to add text.

PIC Jointer

The level of quality of these apps is very high. That is why cost find something remarkable, not because they are not good, but because all meet its target in practically professionally.In the case of Pic Jointer, exclusive for iPhone, your cover letter is filled with figures: over 120 possible combinations, up to 9 photos on each collage, more than 30 filters, more than 50 custom funds and more than 240 virtual stickers with that decorate your mosaic with fun motifs.


With a somewhat cryptic name, POTO describes itself as one generator of Photomontages all in one. The reason?

POTO (Android / iOS) serves as the editor of photography and collage generator, in addition to filters to alter the images and templates with which to create postcards with your photos.

As with previous apps, it allows you to combine photographs in many ways, and when you are done, you can share the result on Instagram or Facebook from the tool itself.

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