Microsoft wants to banish the mouse and replace it with an impressive augmented reality

If Microsoft takes this new technology for its next operating system, I swear by “San Google” left Ubuntu ipso facto and I turn to the “dark side” of Windows without thinking it twice.

The project in question has been made by a research team of the company, who have wondered how could improve the interaction with the user when working with the PC… and sincerely I believe that they have succeeded far beyond.

To start the keyboard is behind the monitor and not the other way around, since the screen is semi-transparent, so we will see our hands in the background (sounds weird, but I assure you it’s cool).

Then the most fun is that it has a system of cameras based on Kinect that detects our position, so there is no mouse, directly seize files and folders with the hands, with the immense advantage that also keeps track of the position of our head so that we can “peek” to see the three-dimensional desktop with greater perspective.

The company’s Gates can already sign up somewhat, because this idea is absolutely fantastic. Do not fail to see the video because I assure you that you’ll.

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