Microsoft launches news application with AI for Web, Windows 10, iOS and Android

The Redmond company wants to give the replica with it to Google and Apple.

microsoft news

Microsoft News Today opens globally on the main platforms to become, according to the company, a reliable and useful news source for users. It means the new life for MSN, a portal that has been operating since 1995 and that for a time was a place of reference and daily consultation for millions of people.

Now Microsoft wants to take another step with a platform that launches under the name of News and that aims to make the competition to the counterparts of Google and Apple. The first presented a new tool dedicated to this field at its last conference for developers I/O, while the Apple company has been counting on it since iOS 9, presented in 2015.

customization and AI

Microsoft News seeks to palliate its late arrival differing of its competitors in certain respects, being the most relevant of them that is available globally in a web version and like application for Windows 10, iOS and Android. Google News has territorial limitations and Apple news also, as well as not being the last available for download in the operating system of the Mountain View company. In this way, the Microsoft service has a potential user base that can be significant when mediating the competition.

Microsoft takes chest that currently has a great system of healing and artificial intelligence that analyzes more than 100,000 news each day to establish its relevance or not, being able to also bring a high degree of personalization of content to Users. The company claims that News begins with 1,000 publications and more than 3,000 brands to cover the maximum possible field.

iOS and Android applications focus on the aforementioned customization, with an obvious possibility to select categories of interest set alerts for urgent news and more integration with widgets on both platforms. They also have a dark way to facilitate reading.

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