The micro robots that inhabit it in your clothes

The movables are small robots that “live in your clothing”, by way of technology wearable autonomous and able to move independently by the clothes we wear, according NewScientist.

Developed by MIT and Stanford University, the small robots (still something coarse and bulky) move freely through the clothes enganchándose to tissues with magnetic wheels. Have an autonomy of 45 minutes and (now) its practical usefulness is none.

But the future will be much smaller movables (the size of a finger nail), will be imperceptible and will have many practical applications: will serve as sensors to monitor the human body (for example, the heart rhythm) and the environment (air quality or the presence of particles that cause asthma or allergy); and also play decorative functions, as elements for interaction and relationship with other devices, to notify calls or messages. Or as mere pets.

When the user is raised to the bike “movables searched the best place in which to be placed to serve as indicators and lights – they say the developers. So many are the possibilities that probably still we neither know what””

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